Some of the silk's hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens. Silk can be beneficial for your skin and hair. Sleeping on a silk pillow can help your skin stay healthy and smooth and can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.  



The biggest benefit of latex pillows and mattresses is their amazing comfort level. Since latex is extremely dense, it holds its shape and softness for much longer than cotton. Its elastic properties allow it to flex throughout the night so that your sleep is never disrupted.


Latex pillows offer the perfect combination of firmness and support. While latex is fairly firm, it is not so firm that it hinders the optimal support of your head and neck area. Latex pillows adjust to your movements and won’t go flat for many years. This means that they never need to be “fluffed.” Whether you sleep on your back or on your sides, latex will provide great support for a great night’s sleep.


All types of latex are mildew-proof and antimicrobial. Latex pillows will not support the growth of dust mite populations or other common allergens. This makes it ideal for people suffering from allergies. People who are sensitive to chemical smells should opt for natural latex over synthetic latex due to the latter’s chemical scent.


Although cotton pillows and mattresses are often slightly cheaper than latex sleep products, latex is much more durable and longer-lasting than cotton. All types of latex are extremely durable and provide many years of relaxing sleep. Latex sleep products typically have higher user-satisfaction ratings due to their amazing durability. Unlike most bedding materials, latex pillows and mattresses will hold their shape for ten years or more.

Easy Maintenance

Since latex is already a sterile material, caring for it is very easy. Latex products don’t need to be cleaned often.

This wonder sheet goes on top of your mattress protector but underneath your regular existing sheet. It will release Carotenoids through the friction between your body and the wonder sheets, while you sleep. 


We all know that mulberry silk is the softest, smoothest quality of silk. Other than being unbelievably soft and smooth, why else would you want to sleep over this lavish silk mattress? To answer that question, we’ve listed 5 amazing features and benefits of mulberry silk below.

1. Keeps You Dry

While we don’t like to think about it, we all sweat when we sleep. In fact, the average person sweats more than 2 cups of water every night. Consequently, it’s crucial for our bedding to be able to wick this moisture away if we want to stay dry as we sleep.

Most traditional bed sets are able to wick some of this moisture away because they are made from cotton, a notoriously breathable fabric. However, mulberry silk is even more breathable than cotton. It can wick moisture away twice as fast and reduce the humidity in your bed by 50%. As you can see, you’ll stay comfortable and dry all night long with silk mattress.

2. Prevents Overheating

There are a number of beneficial side effects on silk’s incredible wicking ability. One such side effect is that silk bedding prevents you from overheating at night. This benefit is particularly valuable if you suffer from hot flashes. To discover how silk is able to prevent overheating and reduce hot flashes.

When you sleep on Serenelife's mattress with silk fabrics and Silk fibres almost all of your body heat becomes trapped under the covers with you. As your body continues to produce heat throughout the night, your bed becomes warmer and warmer. Eventually, you start to sweat.

Instead of evaporating and cooling you down like it’s supposed to, the water from your sweat is also trapped under your covers. This extra water reflects even more of your body heat back to you. As this cycle continues, your bed becomes hotter and hotter until you eventually overheat.

In contrast, mulberry silk is surprisingly breathable and efficiently wicks your sweat away when you become too hot. As the extra water is wicked away, your body cools down because it can feel the sweat evaporating off your skin. Additionally, there’s isn’t any extra water or humidity in your bed to worsen extreme temperatures. As a result, your body is able to regulate its temperature naturally and you never overheat when you sleep under mulberry silk.

3. Discourages Microbial Growth

Another byproduct of silk’s wicking ability is that it discourages bacteria and fungi from growing in your bed. How does wicking the extra water away prevent these microbes from making your bed their home?

Well, like all living things, bacteria and fungi need water to survive. Without it, they can’t grow and multiply. Since there is less water for them to use, they can’t spread as quickly. Less water equals fewer microbes– it’s as simple as that.

4. Reduces Allergies

Microbes aren’t the only things that silk prevents from living in your bed; it also stops dust mites in their tracks. Dust mites, just like bacteria and fungi, need water to survive. Since dust mites are a primary trigger for allergies, preventing them from invading your bed is a significant step in reducing your allergies.

Another reason why mulberry silk reduces your allergies is it is 100%, meaning it is never treated with harsh chemicals. The silk threads are incredibly soft on their own so they don’t need to undergo the harsh treatment most synthetic fabrics endure.

This means that pesticides and other dangerous chemicals never have the opportunity to contaminate your bed. When you sleep under mulberry silk you don’t have to worry about inhaling toxins with every breath you take.

5. Improves Your Complexion

Mulberry silk doesn’t just reduce your allergies; it also helps you to have clearer skin. It improves your complexion for two reasons that we’ve already stated. First, it reduces bacteria and second, it is free of chemicals.

Studies have shown that silk have 18 amino acids which are completely beneficial for our skin health. In summary, mulberry silk keeps your skin dry, prevents you from overheating, discourages microbial growth, reduces your allergies, and improves your complexion.